We are BUILT GREEN® builders.  We work with you to ensure you will enjoy a healthier, more efficient and durable home with a lower environmental impact—that offers validation of the green features with third-party certification.  Our homes are affordable with a reduction in monthly operating costs, automatic rebate eligibility, improved resale value, and more.  Ask us for more information on how we can build your home “green”, or visit the Built Green Canada website by clicking on the logo below.

We can provide an Energuide Rating for your home. We can have your plans looked over by an official Energuide for New Houses Advisor to develop an “Energy Upgrade Package” to save you money by making improvements to your heating and ventilation equipment, insulation, and building envelope plan. Ask us for more information, or click on the logo below to check out the website.

We are also proud contributors to BC Hydro Power Smart Green Power Certificates. By purchasing these certificates, we are supporting BC Hydro’s plan for putting green energy into the power grid. Ask us for more information, or click on the on the Green Power Certificate below to learn more about making our environment a better place to live.

We will continue to do our best to make not only your home, but also your environment a safe and healthy place to live.
Qualicum Way Green Home
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